Adelina Comas-Herrera is Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her main research interests are economic aspects of the care, treatment and support of people with dementia, and long-term care financing.

She has recently completed a project estimating the costs of improved dementia health care pathways in low, middle and high income countries, which has been published as part of Alzheimer International’s World Alzheimer Report 2016, and a review of the key issues and challenges in long-term care organisation and financing in countries with diverse ageing and economic contexts.

She is currently working on the “Modelling Dementia” (MODEM) research project which aims to estimate the impact, in terms of costs and quality of life, of making interventions that are known to work for people with dementia and their carers more widely available by 2040. She co-led the Dementia Evidence Toolkit, a website that makes scientific evidence on what works on dementia care publicly available. She has previously worked on making projections of future long-term care expenditure for the UK and other countries, and also on evaluating the potential role of private insurance and private/public partnerships in long-term care financing.

She volunteers as a Dementia Champion, providing information sessions for people who would like to become Dementia Friends in England and was a founder and director of the Westgate Community Trust (Canterbury), which saved a large Drill Hall in the centre of Canterbury from demolition and secured its future as a community venue, the Westgate Hall.

A list of her academic publications is available here.

All the views expressed in this blog her own and not those of her employers or collaborators.


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