The MODEM Dementia Evidence Toolkit: trying to make research accessible

What works in the care, treatment and support of people with dementia, and their carers?

We needed to know this for a large research project, the MODEM project, which uses mathematical models with the aim of simulating the impact of improving the care, treatment and support of people with dementia and their carers.

To find out how care, treatment and support can be improved, we carried out a very large search of the academic literature on the evaluation of “dementia interventions”. To make sense of the thousands of articles we found, we organised them into a coded bibliographic database and, for key interventions, we produced plain language summaries explaining if the interventions worked, for whom and how. We were able to make this public in the Dementia Evidence Toolkit, a website where you can search for research articles on dementia care, treatment and support, and where you can read about if and how interventions such as Advance Care Planning, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Strategies for Relatives (START) work. And, in some cases, you can even hear about the experience of people with dementia in using some of those interventions.

The website was launched at the beginning of August 2016, and as part of thinking about the next steps, we have had a look at what people have said about it on twitter and pasted a few examples below… We are very touched and grateful for such encouraging comments and very pleased to see that people have tweeted about it many different languages. Thank you all!


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