In Catalonia you can ski and swim in the sea on the same day… But you don’t have to

The Pyrennées find their way into the sea in Catalonia, which means that you find impressively high mountains very close to the sea. It takes about three hours to drive from some of the ski slopes to the sea. So, theoretically, you could do that, ski in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon. Except you probably want to make the most of your day up in the snow. And the only time of the year most sane grown-ups would consider skiing an swimming on the same day would be around Easter. Of course, there are hardy little people who are quite happy to swim in the Mediterranean in January, February…

The picture above was taken at the excellent ski school in La Molina during the February half-term holiday. The one below was taken three days later, in one of the beautiful wild coves near Roses, in the Costa Brava.

And here is a bit more of the Pyrennées meeting the sea, still in Roses. And little people enjoying being outside.

This post hasn’t been sponsored by the Costa Brava-Pirineus tourist board, by the way.


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