Was it love, lust or loss? Wise Valentine’s Words

Last night was Valentine’s.

As lovely as it may be, if in the right frame of mind and state of love, sitting facing your partner on a candle lit table framed by heart-shaped balloons and ingesting a suposedly love-themed menu, is not for everyone. Perhaps not the right frame of mind, perhaps the wrong state of love, perhaps boredom with the formulaic approach to cashing in on expected expressions of love.

There will have been, of course, plenty of beautiful and even uncommercial romantic gestures. And for those who think love and poetry belong together, the Wise Words Festival offered something a bit different. An exploration of love, loss and lust, through words, at Brown’s Coffeehouse, in Canterbury. There were still candles, and there were hearts too… in different states of repair.

20140215-113650.jpgAnd takeway courage, poetry, understanding, forgiveness, joy, romance, empathy, fun…

photoAnd luscious chocolate cake.

photo[2]The evening was compared by Will Lovell, Rickasaurus, a punk who likes latte. Emrys Plant defended Lust, in its short and long-term guises. Love was championed by Lucy Fennell, who compensated for the unfair advantage conferred by her puppy pug with a brave sonnet improvisation. Sven Stears took us through Loss, and even why, sometimes, it can be a very good thing.

Lust won the night.

photo[3]The Wise Words Festival will be back in April, reawakening wonder, encouraging curiousity. Lucky Canterbury people.



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