Perhaps not every day needs a photo after all?

I have really enjoyed posting a picture every day for the first 35 days of the year. The idea was to find at least a good thing every day to share, which can work as prompt to look for the positives in each day, and to take a bit of time to stand back and take stock. Except that some days the most beautiful things that happen are things that may not result in a photo, or, more importantly, that are not for sharing publicly. And on those days, coming up with some other photo to share seems rather banal and pointless.

So this seems a good reason to go back to writing on this blog just when there is something that I genuinely think may be worth sharing, like it was the case yesterday. And leave the quieter days to stay quiet.


One thought on “Perhaps not every day needs a photo after all?

  1. The photos have been great, but you’re right – no need to tie yourself down to a permament idea, and if now you see things differently, so be it. I agree, somedays you’d fill the world with ideas, words, photos; other days, are just days to be enjoyed.

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