31/365: Poetically taking the awkwardness out of Valentine’s Day #alternativevalentine

Valentines’ Day does not sit well with many people. Even those who are in the happily “in love” state may well avoid going out not to be trapped into a cheesiness-fest. It is a day where any relationship that is not quite firm will be tested and potentially strained further. And a day where those who have lost may feel more alone than ever.
And it is a day where the expression of love is made mercilessly commercial and mostly unimaginative. So it seemed a good thing to rescue this poor old day from dread and give it a twist. And this is what the Wise Words Festival is offering in Canterbury.
An evening for those who are in love, those who are in lust, and those who have lost or simply like being single. Three poets will battle it out, using their words to persuade you that being in love, in lust or in loss is the way to be. Anything could happen.
From the comforting squashy leather sofas at Browns Coffeehouse, with cakes, hot chocolate or coffee.

You can book here.



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