22/365: Lalitha Lajmi’s “The Masque of Life”

Last week I was lucky enough to have a day of looking around in Mumbai, it was an intense and amazing day. I was told it was worth going to the Jehangir Art Gallery, and fortunately I did. I know little about art and don’t always get it, but every now and then there are pieces that connect you with emotions you didn’t even know you could feel. As it happens, I walked into a room where every single painting had this effect on me. Paintings that reflect on a full life, with the roles we play in it, the relationships and their changes, the emotions, and how, through it all, we keep a sense of self. All this, expressed through a cool, nearly monochrome palette except for red passionate lips. And beautiful, elegant, grown women.

The artist is Lalitha Lajmi and the exhibition is called “The Masque of Life”.

I loved this one painting in particular, where it seems to me this woman is using the mirror to remind herself of who she is. And I couldn’t help thinking of a more ‘techie’ version of this image involving looking into a smartphone and taking a selfie.

This photo is from the exhibition’s catalogue, the most beautiful thing I brought back from the trip.



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