7/365: “for safety reasons please do not stand on the road”

British health and safety at its best. This notice on the window of the George IV, a pub run by the London School of Economics, is a wonderful example of what, to me, seems a very endearing British caring quality. It is a quality that can some times be taken too far, resulting in slightly overprotective and condescending public policies (hence the term “nanny state“), or obstructive health and safety policies. Generally, though, it seems rather reassuring that there are people in our organizations thinking about our wellbeing and anticipating all the mishaps that may happen to us. This usually translates in the carrying out of risk assessments, which no doubt is how someone thought about the need to mitigate the risk of someone being squashed by a car because they were standing on the road, specially after a few drinks.
When I posted this photo on Instagram earlier there was much hilarity about the fact that the LSE is full of academics, a kind of people that seem to have a particularly bad reputation for common sense. Can’t possibly comment on that!



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