5/365: box wood kitchen utensils

Every time I leave Catalonia I take bits of it in my suitcase. Simple items that you take granted in your country become precious when 1,000 km away. And these box wood kitchen utensils are a perfect example of everyday things that become treasures. Box wood is very fine grained and silky and resists high temperatures better than most other soft woods used kitchen spoons and utensils. These utensils are also handmade, so each of them is unique, it is wonderful to be able to choose the “right” spoon, spatula, mortar… And know they’ll be involved in thousands of hopefully successful culinary experiments.
Just for the record, I have taken a British potato peeler back to Catalonia too…



5 thoughts on “5/365: box wood kitchen utensils

  1. What you describe is exactly how earlier civilizations would have done it too. I like that. You will see some archeologist unearthing your potato peeler many years from now, trying to piece together how it got there.

    • Hello Carol, your comment makes me think how in this very globalised world it is somehow reassuring that you can still find differences in everyday things like kitchen utensils! Wondering how many British potato peelers have made it into Catalonia so far…

  2. Three at least. Yours, and two we have brought! We also brought Sheffield-made knives back to Catalonia some years back but wouldn’t risk it in our hand luggage now (post-Bin Laden-terrorist-threats)!!

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