The Catalans and their Ways mystify Downing Street

The bobbies who guard Downing Street witnessed a very peculiar street party on the 11th of September 2013. Well over 300 people, kitted out with yellow t-shirts, curious capes with yellow and red stripes, a blue triangle and a white star, and the odd umbrella, gathered across the road.

They got very emotional singing songs about harvesting wheat in some foreign language and then decided to climb on top of each other to up to three stories high (very suspicious health and safety standards!).


If that wasn’t surreal enough, they then proceeded to stretch out all along the road and got very excited about holding hands. This prompted another huge outburst of emotion and lots of chanting.


And, to top it all, they suddenly held an impromptu election, closely monitored by stewards in reflective vests. The election took place peacefully and sources have confirmed that the result was unanimous, which is highly suspicious. No international observers seemed to be present.
Attempts were made to rouse David Cameron from his sleep and present him with a petition, signed in wet paper by all the party-goers, but the sensible Bobbies who guard the road persuaded the enthusiastic crowd to take the papers home, dry them up and send them by the ever reliable Royal Mail.
Eventually the crowd disappeared as happily as it had arrived, most of them removing their festive attire and reverting to normal umbrella-carrying London inhabitants.
Further investigation has revealed that the revellers were mostly Catalans who, for one reason or another have got stuck in London and couldn’t join the 1.6 million people who held hands in similar celebrations in Catalonia on the 11th of September, almost 300 years after Catalonia lost its independence and became a region of Spain. This video gives an idea of just how huge this Catalan Way was and suggests that, if 30,000 unpaid volunteers can organise the crowds in such an orderly and happy fashion, these people may well be able to run their own country.
And their election tonight was a way for them to express how jealous they are that the Scots are allowed to vote on independence while they are not. And they said something along those lines in their petition to David Cameron too.

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