How to fit it all in

I am blessed or cursed with lots of interests, and a determination to fit in as much as possible into this one life. It is now a bit more than a year that I started blogging. The first blog was written when I was treated very badly at a pizzeria in Rome. I was on a work trip and eating out on my own, which I do not particularly enjoy. They made me wait a long time to get a table, which was bad enough, but they were talking about me, very loudly, as “la signora sola”. And then they took a long time to give me a menu… It was embarrassing and excrutiating, and worst of all, I had forgotten to bring anything to read. Except I had my phone. And I could write about it all to vent my frustration and take pictures of the food… and that is when it all started, the first blog turned up, the “Dining Adventures of Signora Sola“.

But then other things happened. I wanted to write about where I come from and show the world the beauty of Catalonia and its food, so Delicious Girona, Roses: where the Pyrenees meet the sea appeared. And I also felt I should tell the world about the extraordinarily good English food I was finding in Canterbury, so here came in A Canterbury food love story. Food has, in fact, taken a life of its own and I am now also writing and eating my way through a joint blog with Rafael Lopez, the chef/owner of the Goods Shed restaurant called “A food conversation

And being a Catalan in England and the experience of being a foreign both in my native and adoptive country provided more than enough material for a blog. So I started, in Catalan, my most popular blog so far: “Catalanejant per Anglaterra“.

The thing is, there are plenty of other things I’d like to write about that don’t quite fit into any of those blogs. So here comes this blog of blogs, to bring it all together and open up the door to just writing. And let out the occasional rant too.



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